Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Climb Alone

If you are a business leader or an entrepreneur, the odds are stacked against you. We believe the journey will be a great challenge, but we don't believe that it should be so challenging such that nine out of ten businesses fail in the first two years. Ascend helps you reach the summit, the end goal of your business, with the help of a trail guide, advisors, investors, and an amazing team to climb with.

We've heard the same story from thousands of business leaders

Overwhelmed. Isolated. Confused.

Too many people are trying to climb alone in today's business landscape. Ascend places you in peer groups with other business leaders in a similar context. Peer groups meet monthly in workshop settings and also meet on their own established rhythm for collaboration and community.

It is a simple fact that great ideas get passed up everyday for lesser ideas that are either better marketed, championed by more networked leaders, more heavily capitalized, etc. We have created a system that ensures your game changing idea is complimented by the other attributes key to success.

Ascend has vetted salesmen and vendors so that you don't have to. As part of Ascend you will more easily acquire the services you need, and you can rest assured that you are partnering with certified, trusted professionals. Many of our vetted vendors also provide a discount for Ascend members.

Ascend was created that you would find the time to work on your business rather than in your business. Mandatory monthly workshops and strategic planning sessions are the core components that hold you accountable to this end.

Today's system of meeting and pitching to investors is often referred to as a dog-and-pony show. Ascend was built to flip the script. We have great relationships with investors who are not only interested in investing but also care about your idea. We will be sure to give you your best shot at receiving funding.

The "idiot tax" is one a the most significant stumbling blocks for business leaders. You don't know what you don't know. We pair each Ascend member with an advisor who has already paid the idiot tax so that you don't have to. They will be with you until you reach the summit.

Climb with Ascend


Trail Guide

A clear path towards success for any endeavor

Peer Groups

Critical support and innovation for the way ahead

Resource Access

Effective connections to investors, advisors, vendors, and coaches

How We Match Up

If you desire to climb a mountain you'll need three components for the journey ahead: A team, a guide, and the right gear. The business world is no different, Ascend makes sure you have all three.

What they've said

Ascend completely changed the way I operate and think about my business. They made scaling a reality.

-Kellen Catani-

Purebred Wood and Craft co.

Never before has a greater understanding been revealed to me about who I am, what I was made to build, and the potential within me to build it.

-John Lawler-


I value how Ascend put me on a trail so I could work on my business instead of in it. I am already seeing results from my time with the Ascend team.

-Stan Johnson-


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